10 Sep

Hello, Smarty (looking) Pants!

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No matter what's to be found inside, the outside is a happy place.

Or diapers, anyway.

In my quest for the perfect diaper for the little sprout, I’ve suffered through terribly under-performing ones and —horror!— garish designs that have left my eyes sore.

Diaper makers out there: babies are rather impressionable little creatures; why subject them and their parents to such graphic mistreatment? I wouldn’t be surprised if some individuals’ poor design choices later in life could actually be derived from overexposure to diaper-inflicted visual pollution when they were in their tender infancy.

But not everything is bleak out there: enter Nature Babycare diapers. Well, I have to give it to the Scandinavian, they have a knack for beautiful, bare-bones design. Inside the bag with the little Swedish flag, I found these elegant, clean-looking, zen, white, pristine, beautiful —I’m I getting too excited here?— you get the idea. I’ll let the picture do the rest of the talking.

I still have to find out how they perform (fingers crossed).

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