14 Feb

Happy “I made it for you” Day!

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This Valentine’s Day I’d like to celebrate handmade gifts. And on that short note here’s a love letter to hand made from Nicole Licht and the folks at Etsy:

Happy Valentine’s Day! XO, Etsy from Etsy on Vimeo.

21 Jan

Ode to the Book of Kells

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The Secret of Kells grabbed me and didn’t let me go. I might have blinked once, maybe twice, during the whole movie. That’s how much I loved it. Colors, patterns, watercolor washes left, right, front and center. The illustration taking cues from the Insular Style it wished to honor.

With a running time of one hour and 15 minutes, this movie is quick and sweet; it keeps you glued to the screen from beginning to end. I think I also had a star-struck look on my face from the rapid succession of excellent animation set on beautifully illustrated backdrops, worthy of adorning the pages of a contemporary manuscript of their own.

For me the best bit was when our hero Brendan defeats the dark, serpent-like deity Crom Cruach, using nothing but a piece of chalk. It was defeat by design, I tell you!

Brendan and Aisling play in the forest

Brendan shows Aisling his first attempts at illustration

Brendan illustrates under Aidan's tutelage

Brendan as Aidan's apprentice

24 Sep

A calendar to keep you craving

So it’s September, which means 2012 calendars are going to start popping up everywhere. This one by Hamburg-based design office¬†EIGA (for purchase here) is a weekly celebration of food-related art and design. Definitely on the spectacular side, with loads of handmade type: syrup, sushi, banana peels, moldy bread, tattooed eggs, bacon strips, are all made into beautifully extravagant numbers.

The one problem I see: I’d be hard-pressed to scribble all over this beauty.

Via Fubiz.

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