24 Sep

A calendar to keep you craving

So it’s September, which means 2012 calendars are going to start popping up everywhere. This one by Hamburg-based design office¬†EIGA (for purchase here) is a weekly celebration of food-related art and design. Definitely on the spectacular side, with loads of handmade type: syrup, sushi, banana peels, moldy bread, tattooed eggs, bacon strips, are all made into beautifully extravagant numbers.

The one problem I see: I’d be hard-pressed to scribble all over this beauty.

Via Fubiz.

23 Sep

A sensual concert

As part of the London Design Festival, The Finnish Institute in London has produced an installation titled Reddress. A sumptuous dress will serve as a costume for songstress Emma Salokoski, and its 20-meter-wide skirt will accommodate the spectators, who can sit or lie on it, even use it as a blanket. Talk about a sensual experience: the intimacy of the concert, to be close and connected to the performer and the rest of the audience in such a tangible way, the visual saturation… a great way to bring the music alive!

The best bit is: no worries if you checked in your jacket and the hall is a bit cold, just relax and tuck yourself in.

Via Dezeen. Photographs by Kate Elliott.

22 Sep

Cold, cold, but cool!

Enjoy the Northern Lights in a swell glass igloo at Hotel Kakslauttanen, in Lapland, inside the Arctic Circle. The hotel offers accommodations in log cabins, “turf chambers” and traditional snow igloos, but the glass domed ones, with their high-tech look and ample view of the skies take the cake here.

The best bit: these guys may be cold on the outside, but warm and toasty on the inside. Cool!

Via Fubiz.

Warm, inviting lights amidst the frozen landscape

Jungle-inspired prints: a way to trick your bran into thinking "warm"?

Heavenly entertainment: forget fireworks!

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