22 Sep

Cold, cold, but cool!

Enjoy the Northern Lights in a swell glass igloo at Hotel Kakslauttanen, in Lapland, inside the Arctic Circle. The hotel offers accommodations in log cabins, “turf chambers” and traditional snow igloos, but the glass domed ones, with their high-tech look and ample view of the skies take the cake here.

The best bit: these guys may be cold on the outside, but warm and toasty on the inside. Cool!

Via Fubiz.

Warm, inviting lights amidst the frozen landscape

Jungle-inspired prints: a way to trick your bran into thinking "warm"?

Heavenly entertainment: forget fireworks!

19 Sep

From vegan to vulgar

Just what is it that you love exactly?

There seems to be a string of tofu lovers out there being denied the right to express their feelings on their license plates. It’s a great visual communication case study: given the limited space in a vanity plate, we try to say more in fewer characters and let the people figure it out.

In this case, the latest request of this sort, the authorities say you can read too much out of this particular plate. Depending where your mind inserts the spaces I LV TOFU becomes I LV TO F U.

Well, at least it is still all about love!

PS. This seems to be OK in California…