31 Aug

Imagine life, organized

human by design 1 comment by K.

A soup so methodical that is not even meant to be eaten. Where's the spoon?

Look around you. As humans, we systematically change our environment to satisfy our needs and desires. We could say our lives and artificially built surrounds are extremely organized. Ruled by mathematical design, orthogonal repetition, perfect parallel and perpendicular arrangements, endless cataloging: reason rules our lives. But how much reason and how much chaos, really? What’s the actual balance of each in our day to day?

It took one single look at Ursus Wehrli’s work to realize how the sweet measure of natural chaos and chance enlivens our existences. The Swiss artist gives us a fresh take on otherwise common-place scenarios by reinventing them through obsessive compulsive organization. Who would have thought it, but I found his fastidiousness surprisingly… refreshing? thought-provoking? colorful? novel? or all of the above!

Via fubiz.

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